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Project Management

StadtBauKultur NRW and TU Dortmund

State Initative StadtBauKultur NRW 2020

Leithestraße 33
45886 Gelsenkirchen

Tel.: +49 (0)209 319 81 – 0
Fax.: +49 (0)209 319 81 – 11
Email: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Technical University of Dortmund

Faculty of Spatial Planning, Department of Urban Design and Land Use Planning

August-Schmidt-Straße 10
44221 Dortmund

Tel.: +49 (0)231 755-2241
Fax: +49 (0)231 755-4396
Email Enable JavaScript to view protected content. Web:



Prof. Christa Reicher, Tim Rieniets, Dr. Jürgen Tietz

Tim Rieniets

Professor of Urban and Spatial Development at the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape at Leibniz Universität Hannover

Managing Director of StadtBauKultur NRW until end of August 2018

Prof. Christa Reicher

Head of the Department of Urban Development, Urban Design and Urban Land Use Planning at Dortmund Technical University





in cooperation with:

Dr. Jürgen Tietz



Coordination BBB in the Ruhr area

Natascha Maier

Natascha Maier

StadtBauKultur NRW

Tel.: +49 (0)209 319 81 15
Email: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Prior project coordination:

Dr. Christine Kämmerer

Elgin Wolf


Coordination BBB International

Lisa Gülleken, Sarah Müller

Elisa Mütherig

TU Dortmund
Tel: +49 (0) 2 31 – 7 55 70 40
Email: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Prior project coordination:

Prof. Yasemin Utku

Elisa Mütherig


Press and Public Relations

Christoph Kremerskothen

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